Our Team

Malinda Eberly, LSW

RFC Founder & Committee Member, Social Worker

Malinda was born in Ontario, Canada, and raised in various regions of PA and NY state before moving to NYC for 11 years as an adult. Her passion is for the brokenness of abuse, trauma, and marginalization to be transformed through the fulfillment of the gospel of Christ within conservative Anabaptist circles. She is now a licensed social worker working in Holmes County, OH as a therapist.

Lowell Herschberger, MSW

RFC Committee Member, Director of Career and Education Programs at CHLDC

Lowell grew up in Northern Ontario where his parents were missionaries. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York where he works for Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation leading a suite of employment and business development programs. He attends Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church with his wife and two sons.

Damian & Lily Allert

RFC Team Member

Damian was born and raised in NYC; married to the lovely Lily for 23 years and they have 5 children. They’ve lived in PA, GA, and are now in NYC where they’ve fellowshipped with FJMC for 10+ yrs. He earns a living providing IT services. After wrestling with a variety of emotions related to current events, he wants to find constructive ways for his family to respond to the turmoil in a way that reflects their faith in Jesus. Lily is a member of FJMC born and raised in the Caribbean. She is passionate about young people knowing and loving Jesus.

Harlan Barnhart

RFC Team Member

Harlan is a husband and father living in Brooklyn NY. He is passionate about music, history, and for the church to play the role that God intends for it to play.

Anacleto Bristol

RFC Team Member

Anacleto is from Brooklyn, NY, works in the medical field, and loves food & travel. He is well versed in politics, the Patriots, and the Socratic method of debate.

Joshua Good

RFC Team Member

Josh is the husband to Tonya and the father of three. He lived in NYC with his family for many years and now works as the school principal at Ephrata Mennonite School.

Jason McFarlane

RFC Team Member

Jason grew up Mennonite in central Pennsylvania along with his family and left around 16 years old to volunteer in the inner city youth ministry. Now back in Lancaster County after serving as a youth pastor for inner-city youth in South Florida.

Ashadee Miller

RFC Team Member

Ashadee, who goes by Asha, is a pilot’s wife, mother of two, and a cancer thriver. She speaks on topics like adoption, living in Amish country as a Trinidadian, and how to bring diverse communities together through the Neighborhood on Instagram (@theneighborhoodhc). She and her family now live in Columbus, OH.

Eric Miller

RFC Team Member

Eric is from Cincinnati, OH, and was adopted at a young age into a caucasian family in which he was raised to be color-blind. Today, he wants to use his voice to help the church understand how color-blindness and similar ideologies only magnify racial tension in the church.

Josh & Misty Nisly

RFC Team Members

Josh is a software developer, husband, father, and pastor living in the multi-cultural delight that is Queens, NY. He longs to see the Anabaptist church embrace Biblical justice. Misty is passionate about topics like adoption, fostering, and racial equity in the church.

Daniel & June Pollard

RFC Team Members

Daniel and June Pollard live in Columbus Ohio and are passionate about Marriage and the Family and awakening the church to actively participate in racial restoration. Daniel is also passionate about Prison Ministry and evangelism. June is interested in Women’s Ministry and has a desire to see women walk in the truth of their God-ordained calling.

Rich & Sandy Schwartz

RFC Team Member

Rich and Sandy live in The Bronx, NY, with their six children. Rich is a pastor of a small church plant, Believers in Jesus Church. Rich and Sandy are committed to love God with all their hearts, and while walking in that love, to stay faithful to the church of Jesus Christ. Christ and His church are ministers of restoration and reconciliation, where Christ makes the two become one and breaks down the dividing wall of hostility.   

Keeshon Washington

RFC Team Member

Keeshon is a Mentor and Social Studies teacher at Tidings of Peace Christian School in York, PA. He has a blog in which he frequently writes about the subject of racism and mission work among the Anabaptists. He normally spends his time in York investing in the lives of his friends and people whom he disciples.

Asher Witmer

RFC Team Member

Asher is from Los Angeles, California where he lives with his wife Teresa and three sons. He is pursuing a bachelors of Biblical studies degree and has been a part of a church plant in LA for about 8 years. He is an author and blogger who is passionate about reconciling our human experiences with God and His Message.

Jewel Yoder-Kuhns

RFC Team Member

Jewel is from Middlefield, OH and is a graduate student studying social history and public policy at Case Western Reserve University. As an Anabaptist, she has been blessed with the rich resources of community, faith, and in material things. She is passionate about serving our neighborhoods, seeking to live out justice and compassion in practical ways.