Introductory Core Articles:

Definition of Terms:

  • Restorative Faith: In the midst of an ever polarized nation we as believers want to be aware of and take responsibility for one another’s well being.  The phrase “one another” appears 100 times in the New Testament, 59 of those times are commands regarding how/how not to treat each other.  We live in an individualistic society but Scripture appears to be calling us to something different. Restorative Faith is not just talking about ideas of restoration. If faith without works is dead, what is our Biblical call to action?
  • What we mean by People of Color (POC): A person who is not of White or European descent. 
  • BIPOC is an acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Black can refer to dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia or their descendants without regard for the lightness or darkness of skin tone, and who were enslaved by white people. Indigenous, here, refers to ethnic groups native to the Americas, and who were killed en masse by white people. People of color is an umbrella term for non-white people, especially as they face racism and discrimination in a white dominant culture.

Restorative Faith Resource List:

A viewable and downloadable Resource List curated by Restorative Faith with conservative Anabaptist people in mind.

  • People to contact who can speak to specific topics
  • Process Groups, Social Media, & Podcasts
  • Healthy ways to connect with BIPOC neighbors and friends
  • Educational Books, Videos, & Articles

Restorative Faith Brochure:

A viewable and downloadable tri-fold brochure for promoting Restorative Faith resources.

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